HTML Color Codes


HTML Color Codes is a tool where you get the HTML color code, HEX code and RGB code of the color selected from the available W3C colors. A table of all the colors with the relative HTML codes, HEX and RGB is also available further below.

HTML Color Codes Table

Color HTML / CSS Name Hex Code #RRGGBB Decimal Code (R,G,B)



HTML Color Codes is a free online tool that provides users with HTML, HEX and RGB color codes for any given color from the W3C library. This tool makes it easy for web developers and designers to quickly obtain the exact color codes needed for their projects. A table of all these colors with the relative HTML codes, HEX and RGB can also be found further below for a quick look of all the different codes for each color.

HTML colors are used to specify colors in websites. In this tool the colors are described in three different formats: HTML code, hexadecimal (hex) and RGB (red, green and blue). Hex codes are six digit strings followed by a hashtag (for example: #FF0000) while RGB code is made up of three numbers separated by commas (for instance: 255, 0, 0). On the other hand W3C stands for World Wide Web Consortium which is an international organization created to promote the development of open standards on the internet. All HTML colors come from the W3C library of colors which includes over 140 named colors as well as thousands of shades. By using this comprehensive collection of colors provided by HTML Color Codes web developers are able to find almost any color they may need when creating their websites or digital applications. 

Using HTML Color Codes can help web developers create visually appealing pages faster as it eliminates much of the need for manual code editing which would otherwise be required in order to find a specific color’s exact code values. Additionally, this free online tool also helps designers make sure that all colors used throughout a website or application consistently appear just how they were intended across all browsers and devices.

Some examples of how HTML color codes can be used is are:

/* In your .css stylesheet */
h1 { color: DarkRed; }
p { color: LightCoral; }

Dark Red title

Light Coral paragraph



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