Length Converter


The Length Converter is an easy-to-use, fast and accurate length converter tool that converts length between feet (ft), meters (m), inches (in), centimeters (cm), millimeters (mm), yards (yd), kilometers (km) and miles (mi).



In this section you will find all the formulas used to make the conversions between units.


Measurement Formula
Meters m=ft/3.2808
Inches in=ft*12
Centimeters cm=ft/0.032808
Yards yd=ft*0.33333
Kilometers km=ft/3280.8
Miles mi=ft*0.00018939
Millimeters mm=ft/0.0032808


Measurement Formula
Feet ft=m*3.2808
Inches in=m*39.370
Centimeters cm=m/0.01
Yards yd=m*1.0936
Kilometers km=m/1000
Miles mi=m*0.00062137
Millimeters mm=m/0.001


Measurement Formula
Feet ft=in*0.083333
Meters m=in/39.370
Centimeters cm=in/0.39370
Yards yd=in*0.027778
Kilometers km=in/39370
Miles mi=in*0.000015783
Millimeters mm=in/0.039370


Measurement Formula
Feet ft=cm*0.032808
Meters m=cm/100
Inches in=cm*0.39370
Yards yd=cm*0.010936
Kilometers km=cm/100000
Miles mi=cm*0.0000062137
Millimeters mm=cm*10


Measurement Formula
Feet ft=yd*3
Meters m=yd/1.0936
Inches in=yd*36
Centimeters cm=yd/0.010936
Kilometers km=yd/1093.6
Miles mi=yd*0.00056818
Millimeters mm=yd/0.0010936


Measurement Formula
Feet ft=km*3280.8
Meters m=km*1000
Inches in=km*39370
Centimeters cm=km*100000
Yards mi=yd*1093.6
Miles mi=km*0.62137
Millimeters mm=km*1000000


Measurement Formula
Feet ft=mi*5280
Meters m=mi/0.00062137
Inches in=mi*63360
Centimeters cm=mi/0.0000062137
Yards yd=mi*1760
Kilometers km=mi/0.62137
Millimeters mm=mi/0.0000062137


Measurement Formula
Feet ft=mm*0.0032808
Meters m=mm/1000
Inches in=mm*0.039370
Centimeters cm=mm/10
Yards yd=mm*0.0010936
Kilometers km=mm/1000000
Miles mi=mm*0.00000062137



Length Converter is an incredibly useful and popular free online tool that allows users to quickly and accurately convert between different units of length. With Length Converter, conversions between the metric system, American system, and imperial system become incredibly simple and straightforward. For those who need to make regular length conversion calculations, this is the perfect tool for making their lives easier.

Length Converter helps people in all sorts of fields with their length conversion needs. For instance, engineers working on projects around the world will often have to work with measurements from multiple countries or regions that use different measurement systems. Similarly, scientists regularly require accurate conversions between different units of length in order to complete experiments or research studies accurately. Finally, those in the medical field often require precise measurements between imperial and metric systems when dealing with patients around the world.

The popularity of Length Converter can be attributed to its ease of use and accuracy. Regardless of what unit of measurement you’re using, simply input your starting number into Length Converter’s search bar and it will automatically convert your value into every other possible unit of measurement: from feet (ft) to meters (m), inches (in) to centimeters (cm), millimeters (mm), yards (yd) to kilometers (km), and also miles! What makes Length Converter even more convenient is its ability to copy results with a single click so you don’t have to waste time manually retyping each value into another document or program.

For those who need an accurate and efficient way of converting lengths between different units, then Length Converter is the perfect tool for them. It makes life much easier by saving time from manually retyping numbers over and over again while giving accurate results each time. With Length Converter being free online access as well as easy-to-use interface, it’s no surprise why so many people rely on this amazing tool for their everyday needs!



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